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Located about 6 miles from the Glasgow City Center, the Airport was opened in 1966 and initially only handled flights to and from destinations within the United Kingdom and Europe.

In 1975, the operation of the airport became the responsibility of the British Airports Authority (BAA) and when that organisation was privatised in the 80's the airport began to offer flights to other international destinations. When this happened, Glasgow Airport became the second largest regional air hub after Scotland's Edinburgh Airport - a position formerly held by Glasgow Prestwick Airport (which was relegated to a hub for low cost and charter / freight operators).

Today the it is owned and operated by AGS Airports, the company that took over from Heathrow Airport Holdings, which was what BAA became known as.

The largest airlines that currently make use of Glasgow Airport are BA and Loganair. Some smaller operators including budget airlines such as Easyjet and RyanAir also make use of the facilities at the airport.

Today the airport features three main terminal components called piers - Central, East and West Pier each catering for different markets. West Pier was extended in 1989 and can today handle large long-haul aircraft such as Boeing 747's.

In 2014, the airport reached another milestone when Heathrow Airport Holdings sold the operation to a group made up of Ferrovial and Macquarie for one billion pounds.

The latest available figures show that Glasgow Airport handled 7.7 passengers either departing or arriving during 2014, an increase of nearly 5% on the previous year.

In 2015

The numbers of users put Glasgow Airport into a position one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom.