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Avoiding The Meet And Greet Scammers

Airport parking has been under the spotlight over the last few months, in particular, the “meet and greet” or the “valet parking” business.

With less than scrupulous and unauthorised companies advertising discounted secure parking but in reality holiday makers and businesspeople’s cars are being left in fields, on the roadside and in some cases, used on the road!

With airports such as Gatwick having their approved parking scheme’s, you wonder how these scammers manage to trick the public?

The Manchester Evening News ran a story about one such company offering a secure meet and greet service at manchester airport that was not all that was advertised!

Do you know where your ‘Meet and Greet’ parking firm is taking your car when you are on holiday?

Companies offering ‘secure’ Meet and Greet parking around Manchester Airport are leaving cars in pub car parks in Wythenshawe.

The M.E.N launched an investigation after we were flooded by horror stories from motorists who had returned from holiday to find worrying dash cam footage – and questionable mileage.

While many of these firms, which are nothing to do with the official airport meet and greet service, have slick websites offering secure compounds with 24-hour surveillance and manned sites, it’s not always as it seems.

Cars can spend hours on pub car parks – some more secure than others – or bumper-to-bumper on residential roads.

On their return, holidaymakers pick up their vehicles, often unsuspecting of where they have actually been.
We found evidence that four pubs in the Woodhouse Park area – The Cornishman, Woodpecker, The Happy Man and Mountain Ash – were being used to store cars. You can read the full story on the papers website



Now it is not all bad news there are some good guys out there, Oliver Wilson writes for swift Airport Parking and has written and article entitled:

What Questions To Ask Before Booking A Meet And Greet Survive?

There is no doubt that Luton airport meet and greet is the most popular and convenient service of the modern era. But it is also important to understand how the service works. People usually don’t fully understand the service and end up strangled in a lot of hassle. Therefore, they should ask some questions before booking the amenity. These questions will help you do the following two things:

Know the service thoroughly

Avoid scams and avail fully secured service
The second point is also important because there are many companies which are frauds and don’t have sheltered secure car parks. So, let’s move towards the questions which you should ask before availing the amenity. You can read the full article here….

Clearly, if you follow a few simple steps when booking your off-site parking you can save yourself a lot of aggravation.

When investing in airport parking spaces you need to be sure your investment is safe and the infrastructure is in place to avoid any issues, with Park First you have that safety net of a company that has over 13,000 parking spaces with both meet and greet and bus transfer services at London Gatwick, London Luton and Glasgow. Find out more about the Luton car park investment opportunities available launching early Sept 2016.

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