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Gatwick coming out on top for the next London runway?

It is past being hot new’s, that there is an on going debate as to the merits of Gatwick verses Heathrow for permission to build a new runway to assist with the economic growth of London. There are many sides to the argument, and it looks like it will rage on for some time to come both for the businesses, the politicians and those living near to the proposed locations at both airports.

Above it all, it does seem that Gatwick may just be moving ahead in popularity with the recent new Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn backing the Crawley based Airport which is great news for those investors that invested in the Car Park Investment from Park First.

In the Article below Airport World is watching the battle unfold and it makes interesting reading.

Gatwick Airport claims that a new YouGov poll shows that 63% of London’s councillors support its expansion compared to 44% for Heathrow.
The airport, which is quick to point out that its expansion plans require no tax payer funding, like its rival Heathrow insists that a deliverable new runway for London is more important than ever for the UK economy since the Brexit vote.

Stewart Wingate, Gatwick CEO, said; “London has united behind Gatwick expansion as the only scheme that gives us guaranteed growth while limiting the impact on the environment. “Crucially Gatwick expansion is the only plan that can actually be delivered and – unluke – Heathrow – it does not need £5 billion of taxpayer funding.

Invetments In Gatwick

Gatwick Airport

“This money could otherwise be put towards vital infrastructure projects such as Crossrail 2, Thames river crossings and new homes.

“The UK cannot afford decades more of Heathrow delay – let’s get on and build a new runway at Gatwick.” The airport already counts new Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, as one of its supporters, you can read the full article here…..


Interestingly the Telegraph takes a different spin on it and goes as far as to suggest that there could another alternative, and not the Thames Estuary as favoured by the last Lord Mayor Boris Johnson. No the papers business writter James Quinn pens that post Brexit requires real growth and that will only be attainable with a new runway at BOTH Gatwick and Heathrow!

Read what he has to say in the following article:

In the midst of a barrage of announcements and reverse ferrets from various members of the Westminster firmament yesterday morning, one was at risk of being overlooked.

When, in between Michael Gove’s surprise leadership announcement and Theresa May’s press conference, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin stood at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons for his regular departmental questions, most sets of Westminster ears were trained elsewhere.
But, as he told a largely empty Commons chamber that  decision on extra airport capacity in the south-east of England would now be delayed until “at least October”</a>, those MPs who were present were far from surprised.

The inability of successive governments to deliver a firm decision on the future of airports including Heathrow and Gatwick is now damaging the UK economy.

It was 2000 when the Department for Transport first raised the need for greater airport capacity, to cope with what it predicted would be a doubling in passenger numbers.

The Blair and Brown governments managed to delay a decision until 2009, by which time it was late enough that the coalition Government of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats could veto it when they came to power a year later.

Since that decision, there has been only indecision. David Cameron tried to deflect any commitment by appointing Sir Howard Davies to lead a commission on the subject in 2012, and then delayed publication of the report until after last year’s general election More….


Clearly the debates will go on and on, and whilst they continue the need for more flights will grow and with that there will be a ever increasing requirement for improved infrastructure, which will lead to new oppotunities for investment.

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